Laura DuBois & Marley Clements discuss the Russia's and Putin's history of launching cyber-warfare and espionage campaigns including the one against the US during the 2016 presidential election. My guests are Laura DuBois and Marley Clements, producers of the documentary Active Measures. We discuss how Russia successfully compromised the 2016 election as well as Trump's connections to Russia dating back to the 80's, his connections to the Russian mob, dark money laundering and the long-standing connections between Russia and Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn


Dr. Kate Manne & Dr. Sarah Myhre

This episode explores the #MeToo Movement and how the redemptive pathway for men has overshadowed the needs of victims.

Dr. FIona Vera-Gray


Dr. Fiona Vera Gray discusses her study called "Women on Porn" which examines women's relationship to mainstream pornography.


Barbara Lee, Pramila Jayapal


And Black Lives Matter Co-founder, Alicia Garza discuss voting & democracy

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