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Would you like to be a guest

on the Electorette?

Here's how...

It's simple really...

Althoughwe record most episodes remotely, the process is quite simple.  We will send you a headset and a link to a recording web-page. On the day of the recording, just click on the link and we will chat, similarly to a phone call. That's it! See additional details below. 


Once you've been confirmed as a guest, we will need to schedule a recording date. The Electorette records Monday through Thursday, from 10 A.M. PST to 2 P.M. PST. 

Feel free to schedule a slot directly here on our schedule: Electorette Scheduling Calendar

Recording Equipment:

Since most of our recordings are done remotely, we ship all guests a courtesy Sennheiser headphone/mic set to insure great audio quality on both end. We will ship the headset to you directly from Amazon and it typically arrives one week prior to recording but can be delivered within 2 days prior to the recording with expedited shipping. There is no charge for this and guests may keep the headset as a thank you!

Guests will also need a PC or laptop from which to connect to the recording page. Our recording process does not support mobile devices. 

If you already have access to a recording studio or professional quality microphone, that can connect to the internet, please disregard the recording equipment details above. Please confirm that your equipment will work with our recording page. 

Recording Process:

  1. Please click on the link provided to you in your confirmation email to connect to our call for the recording. We should be able to hear and talk to each other before I begin recording. Firefox is recommended as it seems to be less problematic than Chrome for recording. You also may want to test the link above beforehand to make sure there are no connection problems beforehand.

  2. You'll need a computer/laptop with a USB port and a reliable internet connection

  3. Please record in a quiet room or office with sound lowered or muted on devices.

  4. Your audio settings should automatically work once you plug the headphones into the USB port but in case they do not, try updating the Audio Settings (it's the gear in the light blue box to the top-right of the screen), select the Sennheiser...  "Audio Input" and "Audio Output."

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